Successful promotional strategies

E&S Gallery hosts a grand re-opening

W. Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202
A full-service art gallery specializing in general and museum-
quality framing and design work and art publishing.
Employees: 5
Annual revenues: $500,000
Mission: To launch a successful grand re-opening
to boost sales
Result: Sales increased 65% during the grand
re-opening week

Regina Lynch-Hudson, owner of the Atlanta-based public relations firm, the Write Publicist.

  • Make the event newsworthy. “Inviting a well-known artist like Bibbs helped draw more attention to the event.”
  • Get local support. “By luring local and regional patrons through direct mail and the media, you reached more diverse clientele.”
  • Recognize deadlines when contacting media outlets. “Contacting media decision-makers in a timely manner increased their chances of publicizing the event.”
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