Switching Tracks

BITco USA, a Florida-based installations company, makes a bid for a better Website

new site combines customer relationship managment tools to attract new clients while preserving the relationships with current ones.

Another reason for the makeover, says Gamboa, was to relaunch the company. Although BITco attracts lucrative contracts, Gamboa admits that most of the work they get comes by word of mouth. With the makeover, she hopes that things will change.

“We hope the makeover gives us a more professional look, so we can be seen as a nationwide professional installer.” The new site, says Geiger, gives them just what they asked for. “[It has] the look and feel of a company that could be 100 to 200 people. “The new site is very corporate and professional,” he says.

With the new image, Gamboa says the company plans to invest more in advertising and marketing its services, rather than relying upon word of mouth to attract new clients.

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