Tailor-made Coverage

Here's how you can insure your life insurance is the proper fit for you

to shop for term insurance on your own. The Websites listed in our chart will provide price quotes from several companies. You can also shop by phone, simply by calling an insurance quote service. (See chart below).

James H. Hunt, an actuary with the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), a consumer advocacy organization in Washinton, D.C., advises you to get a computer-generated “policy illustration” from your insurance company or agent before you buy a cash value policy. Contact CFA at 202-387-6121 or www.consumerfed.org and request a Life Insurance Rate of Return Service brochure, which explains the service that Hunt provides (e.g., “rate of return” estimate, a standardized format for comparing permanent life insurance policies). With this analysis, along with Hunt’s explanation, you’ll know what you’re buying before you make any final decisions.

If you don’t want to physically shop around for life insurance but want to get a sense of prices on the kind of policy you need, you can call an insurance quote service. Generally, all you need to provide is your age and some basic medical data.

Here are a few toll-free numbers to call:
AccuQuote (800-442-9899)
Direct Quote (800-845-3853)
Insurance Information (800-472-5800)
Life Rates of America (800-457-2837)
MasterQuote (800-337-5433)
Quotesmith (800-431-1147)

Surfing for Insurance
Don’t know how much life insurance you need?
There are a number of Websites offering life insurance “calculators,” including:

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