Taking Your Company Public

Raising money via the capital markets offersrewards as well as risks. Here's what to considerbefore making such a move.

mandatory front cover to a prospectus listing facts about the offering and the company. You’ll be required to prepare a statement listing risks inherent to your line of business, your plans for proceeds, dividend policies and assorted financial statements. Lawyers like Sylvester say the agency replies rapidly and helps companies the best it can with a battery of comments on each filing. According to that helps make registration a hurdle that needn’t take more than two or three months.

There are a number of excellent resources to check on as you consider the great leap into the securities markets. Ernst & Young (212-773- 3000), the Big Six accounting firm, has published an informative book
let Deciding To Go Public. The SEC (202-942-8088 or www.sec.gov) has a number of publications and guides available to the general public. NASDAQ (202-496-2500 or www.nasdaq.com) also puts out material to guide entrepreneurs through the process.

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