Talent on reserve

Here's how to bring in new employees right when you need them

strength of your ties with people. “Hiring good people is still
about relationships.”

For more on finding talent for your organization, read:
The Agile Manager’s Guide to Hiring Excellence by Hardy Caldwell (Velocity Publishing, $9.95)
High Impact Hiring: How to Interview and Select Outstanding Employees by Del J. Still (Management Development Systems L.L.C., $22.95)
Hire With Your Head: A Rational Way to Make a Gut Decision by Lou Adler (John Wiley & Sons, $29.95)
Hiring: How to Find and Keep the Best People by Richard S. Deems (Career Press, $12.99)
Smart Hiring: The Complete Guide to Finding and Hiring the Best Employees by Robert W. Wendover (Sourcebooks Trade, $12.95)
Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching and Keeping the Best People by Bradford D. Smart (Prentice Hall Press, $26)
45 Effective Ways for Hiring Smart!: How to Predict Winners and Losers in the Incredibly Expensive People-Reading Game by Dr. Pierre Mornell (Ten Speed Press, $24.95)

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