Talkin Points: African Americans & Africans

What you need to know

Racial Profiling RISING

Racial profiling by law enforcement remains a pervasive problem, but it is not just a black and white issue. It affects African American, Latino, South Asian, Arab, and Muslim communities, according to data compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union and Rights Working Group. The data, from several states, reveals that post- 9/11 Bush-era government policies are a major cause of the disproportionate stopping and searching of racial minorities in the U.S. Despite such reports, most Americans feel that racial minorities are treated fairly by the police, according to a CBS News/The New York Times poll.

46% of respondents say whites, blacks, and nonwhite Hispanics are treated equally by police.

38% of respondents say whites are treated better thanĀ blacks and nonwhite Hispanics by police.

3% of respondents say blacks and nonwhite Hispanics are treated better than whites by police.

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