Techno-Systems $20 Million Ride

Georgia firm wins contract to transport Medicaid recipients

Techno-Systems Inc. beat out more than 30 companies to win a $20 million, three-year brokerage contract that will allow them to coordinate nonemergency transportation (NET) services in the Atlanta area.

The Hinesville, Georgia-based company, which had revenues of just over $1 million in 1996, will be responsible for the transportation needs of roughly 200,000 Medicaid recipients who reside in the city’s two primary counties, Dekalb and Fulton. The contract comes after the state changed its NET provider system from one with 761 individual provider companies last year to one that now has five brokers for the entire state.

According to Laura Marshall of the Georgia Department of Medical Assistance, the state Medicaid agency that contracts with the brokers, the change came about because of problems in the past with fraud by providers filing false claims and the need to manage the cost of NET transportation. “Techno-Systems will get a flat monthly fee per recipient, and they will manage the care by finding the best providers for them to work with, making sure that the people who need transportation receive it,” Marshall says.

Techno, which was formed four years ago, has 87 full-time employees and works with 42 subcontractors, 95% of whom are African American. It already operates in several smaller counties around the state and has opened an office in Atlanta to manage the new business. Company President Al Williams, who has a background in management consulting, says the contract represents a great opportunity for existing minority NET providers. “We plan on maintaining and making sure that minority and small business firms get their fair share, and we’ll do everything we can to take advantage of their abilities,” says Williams.

For more information, call Techno at 404-768-8885.