The Art Of Being Headhunted

Here's what to do when recruiters are calling, and how to stand up and be noticed when they aren't

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colleagues and employees. This is one of the ways recruiters get to know about you, your work and contacts in the industry.

  • Let the recruiter know that you may consider staying if your present employer makes you a counter-offer.
  • Protect your job by telling your boss that you get calls from recruiters all the time, and not to worry. You are not leaving.
  • Hang up if a recruitment firm asks you to pay a fee.
  • Be selective about the firms you work with and the opportunities they bring to you. A bad move can bed devastating to a career.
  • Don’ts

    • Don’t contact a client company directly. Go through the recruiter until you have clearance.
    • Don’t be dishonest about salary, job title or education. (These things can be checked.)
    • Don’t be informal with the recruiter. Treat the conversations and meetings as you would any business meetings and calls.
    • Don’t think that the job is yours if the recruiter is calling you. A recruiter is calling for candidates. You may only get to the inter view stage.
    • Don’t get sidetracked by a good opportunity. If a position is not in line with your career goals, you will not be making a good move.
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