The Black Wealth Initiative

It's time for you to stand and deliver.

$12,000, you would multiply $155,000 by 41. The amount -$6.335 million-would be divided by 10, giving you a net worth of $635,000.

The best way, however, to figure out where you stand is to complete the be Wealth Calculator and be Cash Flow Monitor in this article. These are similar to the documents that a financial planner would give you to determine your holdings and spending pattern before he or she crafted a financial plan for you. Using this snapshot, you can determine where you are and how far you have to go to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Adopt the be Declaration of Financial Empower
ment, or DOFE, as your self-empowerment tool. The circle will be broken if you don’t make a hard-and-fast commitment. By reading, embracing and signing the DOFE, you will take the important step of changing your behavior, from pledging to save and invest at least 10% to 15% of your after-tax income and engaging in sound budget, credit and tax management practices, to teaching business and financial principles to your children and passing on wealth to the next generation. But making the commitment is only the first step. Use DOFE to help you shape yearlong goals and develop a monitoring process for your finances.

For example, you and your spouse should devote at least three hours a month to determining the state of your finances or agree to see your financial planner at least once a quarter. You can sign the document at the front of this article or download it from the Website. Additionally, be will provide a Wealth-Building Kit that will help you convert these principles into a series of comprehensive action plans. To get the kit, call the toll-free number, 877-WEALTHY.

Step 4:
Create a financial fitness program. Stick to your strategy to achieve your goals and develop a team of advisors -coaches, if you will-to help you get there. Make sure that you keep a record of your accomplishments and refine your objectives on a quarterly, semiannual and annual basis. In fact, at the end of the year, be will provide you with a financial checklist so that you can evaluate how well you have met your goals.

As you gain more knowledge, a stronger commitment and a diversified investment program, you will build the endurance to meet the challenges that are ahead of you in this race. Keep in mind that this is a solitary run. But by using the Black Wealth Initiative, you will be able to cross the finish line and pick up your trophy-a place among the ranks of the independently wealthy. Financial Health Survey
Below are selected responses from our exclusive Financial Health Survey.
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1: How much of your total income do you save and invest in addition to your retirement funds?
SAVE & INVEST (88.2%)
30% or more 5.1%
21%-29% 6.4
11%-20% 22.9
5%-10% 32.9
Less than 5% 21.0

2: What are your investing goals? *

To build personal wealth 74.3%
To retire 69.5
To pay for my children’s education

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