The Business Of Ethics

The importance of working with integrity

you happy. Get down in the field with the people who are talking to the customers and find out what goals are realistic.”
Provide training. 71% of those polled believed serious commitment by management to address ethical issues would help with the problem. “Ethics training in and of itself is very important, but it’s got to be in the context of an overall program,” advises Michael Schlein, deputy director for public affairs at Citigroup. “If you just have the ethics training, I don’t think you’d be accomplishing very much. It would be nothing more than just a reminder, but it won’t change a culture,” he says.
Distinguish between compliance and ethics. “You can pass all the laws, all the reforms, all the structural changes, but when it comes right down to it,” offers Marianne Jennings, professor of legal and ethical studies at the College of Business of Arizona State University, “ethics is about being forthright even when the law allows you to be less than forthright.”

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