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variability, lipid analysis, and insulin sensitivity; and a profile of major organ systems.

It’s important to note that not all destination spas offer medical expertise, but many offer specialized services. Since there is no regulatory body that distinguishes spa services, it is up to the individual to do the necessary research. Start with SpaFinder ( and Destination Spa Group (www.desti, an organization of 23 destination spas including Canyon Ranch.

El Monte Sagrado Resort, Taos, NM
Seven thousand feet up in the mountain community of Taos is the perfect setting for healing — whether spiritual, physical, or intellectual. The year-old El Monte Sagrado, a resort-cum-healing sanctuary located in the desert of northern New Mexico, aims to change the concept of the destination spa. For starters, its creator, Tom Worrell, is a fierce proponent of the environment.

You’ll notice immediately how nature and nurture are seamlessly integrated. Healthy, non-chlorinated water flows from waterfalls, a trout pond (yes, fishing is allowed), and two pools. At the resort’s center is the Sacred Circle. Surrounded by cottonwoods and aspens and featuring a wooden footbridge and an abundance of regional flora and foliage, it’s a place to meditate, contemplate, and relax. The ground is sacred and the resort itself has been blessed by a priest and a Buddhist monk.

Upon arrival, you’ll be ushered to one of 36 casitas — some with fireplaces, all with patios or balconies. Take your pick among two- and three-bedroom themed suites all decorated with works by local and international artists.

Don a luxurious robe and head straight for the Living Spa, where the roof opens to reveal a crystal-clear mountain sky.

Sample enticing, nature-based and organic treatments, many handcrafted from indigenous plants and flowers. Venture to try more unusual therapeutic treatments like sound and vibrational therapy and intuitive touch.

A roster of alternative treatments and programs abound. If you’ve thought of trying a moonlight hike, spontaneous movement and effective communication, or even communicating with your pet, this is the place to try it all.

For reservations, call 800-828-TAOS or log on to

Well Max Center for Preventive Medicine, LaQuinta, CA and Palm Springs, FL
This will be one of the most luxurious and relaxed trips to the doctor you’ll ever take. Whether you choose the one-day program or the extended Platinum Program, as you settle into your 450-square-foot room, you’ll get in the right frame of mind to begin your journey to good health.

The center offers an intensive variety of progressive wellness and medical services for executives. Among them is the Wellness Platinum Program, which begins with an extensive medical interview and physical exam. The physical is followed by more testing, including some trademarked procedures such as the ThinPrep Pap test for women, a highly accurate test for detecting abnormal cervical cells. Other procedures include genetic testing; cognitive screening; a stress assessment; and metabolic analysis, which measures how many calories a patient burns while active and while resting.

All medical information is documented on a CD, which is given to patients. Well Max also features a sports medicine program,

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