The Changing Face of Nonprofits

Forecasters predict that the nonprofit sector is the wellspring of employment opportunities for tomorrow. Here are the talent and skills needed to give this area heart.

on which to build appeals, services and programs.
People-management skills. Directing teams, plus monitoring, motivating and measuring staff performance.
Project management/events planning ability. Developing, implementing and/or managing programs or events.

Information systems. Setting up and maintaining networks, office applications, etc., as well as training end users.
Legal or paralegal. Helping the agency meet government guidelines and attract government funding.
Accounting/bookkeeping/budget management. Controlling expenses, maintaining records and cost planning.
Human resources/organizational development experience. Managing personnel issues and programs.
Purchasing. Buying products and services, and identifying and managing vendors,
Clerical skills. Supporting staff, volunteers, clients and agency programs.
Organization/business management. Setting up and maintaining processes, systems and structures.

Writing skills. Creating a range of documents from reports to brochures and press releases.
Media/press or public relations. Creating and placing Stories in the media, arranging interviews, and coordinating coverage with corporate community relations staffs.
Art/production. Producing visually appealing materials to support campaign, marketing, program delivery and other efforts.
In addition to experience, educational attainment and computer literacy, you will be measured on past job performance, judgment, leadership, motivation, compatibility with staff and level of self-confidence according to Dan Lauber, author of Non-Profits and Education Job Finder. A high comfort level dealing with diverse audiences, ranging from corporate executives to community activists and politicians, is a strong plus. For more information, check out Lauber’s book, or browse through the national job postings you’ll find at the Community Career Center (

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