The GPS of the Supermarket

AisleFinder CEO and Founder Curtiss Pope helps the world navigate its local grocery stores

Those initiatives could include more participation in business mixers, “demonstration days,” and business accelerator programs that have contributed to AisleFinder’s success at finding and securing customers and business partners. “We’ve showcased our app at Black Founders and NewME Accelerator events,” says Pope of Aislefinder, which has been able to grow from 40 users to 64,000 over the last four years as a result.

For year-end 2012, Pope’s goal is for AisleFinder to reach $900,000 in sales—which would be its largest revenues since its inception in 2008. He says the money will be generated through coupons and advertising on the AisleFinder site and app, and via a new supermarket application programming interface (API) that helps retailers track and leverage customer data. “Our analytics platform helps retailers pinpoint exactly what buyers are looking for. By the time we contact a new grocer we already have at least 50 of its stores mapped out and we also have analytic data that we can share with them on customer buying habits, for example,” Pope explains. “For retailers that kind of data is the Holy Grail.”

Update: PepsiCo and Safeway are no longer in a direct relationship with AisleFinder.

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