The Healthcare Scare

Insurance costs don't have to leave your company ill

they don’t have time not to do it.”

Looking ahead, there could be some help on the horizon in the form of legislation (see “A Tall Order for 2003,” this issue). Designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs who have limited access to, and few choices for, health insurance, the Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2001 would allow national trade groups to sell health insurance to their members. This means small businesses across the country could pool together and access health insurance through their membership with a bona fide trade or professional organization.

But until then, entrepreneurs looking to keep abreast of healthcare issues can visit the Employee Benefit Research Institute Website ( The site offers information designed to advance understanding of employee benefits for the public and for policy makers. Kaiser Family Foundation ( helps business owners stay on top of policy changes and get state-by-state information about healthcare options.

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