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Build your customer base with an electronic newsletter

sense of the personal help. People may quickly subscribe to your newsletter because of the topic, but they will quickly unsubscribe if you merely send them lists of “special offers” or otherwise try to disguise old-fashioned advertising as a valuable service.

Create unique content and present it in fascinating eye-bytes. For instance, Safety Alerts ( sends out a brief digest of new product recalls daily. Each summary headline in the newsletter has a hyperlink to the Website for more information on the recall. The Website is growing with the newsletter. It got 400,000 unique visitors in March-approximately 100,000 visitors more than the month before. Director Paul Walsh says he receives countless e-mails from people, even pharmacists, about prescription and nonprescription drugs. However, the newsletter covers nearly every product category from cars to cribs to food and sporting goods.

Done properly, electronic newsletters and discussion lists can be an effective tool for keeping customers and clients informed of news, upcoming events, products and promotions. Remember to promote your newsletter in other company advertising and marketing materials, at your Website, in e-mails confirming orders and in messages exchanged within other quality newsletters. If people find your newsletter to be relevant to their lives, they will spread the word-forwarding it to their friends and family.

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