The Missing Link

Young entrepreneurial team rides the new wave in mobile electronics

an industry, specialty automotive equipment continues to “grow at rates that defy normal economic theories about how industries should behave.”

Michael Griffin, associate publisher at The 12 Volt News in Shreveport, Louisiana, says the fact that VeaLink combines wireless, GPS, and mobile entertainment in one compact unit makes it especially compelling. “They’re on the cutting edge of a growing industry,” says Griffin. “Within five years, I expect to see these types of mobile, multimedia systems becoming standard in vehicles.”

Cahill, who is currently working on his master’s degree, and Russell, who is completing a computer engineering degree, envision a time when VeaLink is installed in boats, airplanes, semi-trucks, and delivery trucks. To get there, Russell says the company will continue to capitalize on a trend popularized by Apple’s iPod.

“We’re in an era where consumers don’t want to have physical media like CDs and DVDs on them at all times,” says Russell, who adds that the firm is currently seeking outside investing to fund its growing operations. “We’ve taken the iPod concept and added movies, the Internet, GPS, and other capabilities around one solution that eliminates the need for physical media.”

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