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The most innovative and progressive programs offer the keys to increasing your professional market value

peers coming from Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean,” says Grant. “[Their] ideas can only broaden your knowledge base and you develop a [worldview].”

This class also gave Grant immediate insight to the options and futures market, he remarks, which had an immediate impact on his bottom line.
“When I came back, I was able to fine-tune my [commodities] trading. When you don’t know something, it takes you a longer time to grasp what’s going on. I was [taking] the long way to get from point A to point B,” he says. “My trades are more profitable now because I have a better understanding of the inner workings of the futures market. Before, I would put on a trade that was not a necessary trade. Now I can go in and put a trade that will be a more profitable trade.”

Grant’s sights are set on the Chicago Executive I?nstitute being held next month at the school. The last three courses he’s taken at the school will count as electives in the program, composed of six one-week sessions taken over the course of 12 months.

“Being away from the office for a week or two actually clears your head and gives you an opportunity to look at something with new eyes. One of the things about the Graduate School of
Business is being able to put into play Day 1 when you return to your organization.”

University of California Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management Entertainment and Media Executive Program Five-day program for managers and executives in music, film, gaming, Internet, and television addressing convergence and the creation of effective business models $6,250 June 17—20 www.execed. anderson. (310) 825-2001
University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business Implementing Innovation and Change For the upper-level and mid-level executive overseeing people, processes, or technology–three areas that are always in flux $7,250 Sept. 22—26 (312) 464-8722 www.chicago
Columbia University, Graduate School of Business Pricing to Win: Strategy and Tactics Four-day program designed for mid-level and upper-level executives in product management, marketing, and sales to address effective pricing strategies that measure customers’ behavior toward products 6,000 May 6—9 Sept. 23—26 $ (212) 854-3395 www.gsb. columbia .edu/ execeed
University of Virginia, Darden School of Business Leading Organic Growth: Growing a Business From Within Explores new ways of thinking, behaving, and leading; companies are encouraged to send groups of up to five participants $6,900 March 30—April 4 Sept. 21—26 (877) 833-3974 (434) 924-3000
The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business Lean Training Manager Certificate Program Ideal programs for mid- to top-level executives, participants complete a non-consecutive; four-week training and mentoring program as well as a certification exam $15,000 March 3—7 (614) 292-8574 programs/ executive education
Harvard University, Harvard Business

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