The new sound of music

MP3 lets you download your favorite songs from the Net

York-based Loud Records. The label, which is half-owned by BMG, plans to team with Audio Explosion (www. audioexplosion. com), a San José, California-based MP3 Website, to develop promotions for its artists. "This format can definitely replace retail," says Weiner. "It’s going to change the whole face of the industry."

Rykodisc, a Salem, Massachusetts-based record label, will sell MP3 files of select artists for 99 cents per download through the GoodNoise Website (
Although Rykodisc is the first major independent label to embrace MP3, the format continues to gain in popularity. With more MP3-ready devices in the works, including home and auto players, the SDMI will be forced to play catch-up. Unless the courts intervene, like VHS vs. Beta, the consumer will probably decide whether MP3 or the forthcoming SDMI alternative really is the new sound of music.

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