The Power of a Positive Attitude

Any job hunter who isn’t upbeat will get steamrolled in this tough environment. Take black enterprise, for example. Any prospect who walks into my office for an interview with bowed head, drooped shoulders, and lethargic posture will wind up hitting the pavement in 9.7 seconds; the body language betrays insecurities that can’t be glossed over by either a sterling résumé or gold-plated recommendation. I would only consider hiring a highly skilled, polished candidate whose passionate presentation communicates that he or she is the power hitter I need to strengthen my executive bench.

As for investing, it’s true you must be knowledgeable about the market. However, you must also have a positive outlook to help drive long-term decisions to secure your family’s financial future. It starts, of course, with a change in mindset. For instance, if you’re drowning in debt and haven’t taken any serious corrective action, you will never regain your financial footing. Conversely, if you’re too conservative to invest then you will never realize the potential capital gains that ultimately produce a life laden with options. Quite frankly, maintaining the status quo often represents your worst financial position.

So let’s make a fresh start in 2012 with an uncompromising belief that we deserve the best from life. I’m here to tell you that any and all aspirations are well within your reach. All it takes is developing a positive attitude.

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