The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

It's happening online. You need to know how to apply information technology to create wealth, build your business, boost your career, and educate the next generation.

shop, find jobs, and meet that perfect mate. There are more than a dozen black-oriented Web portals and destination sites, from NetNoir, one of the first cyberspace explorers, to, one of the fastest growing community sites today.

At, “we’re bridging the gap between a national and an international community,” says Philippe Wamba, the site’s editor in chief. “We want our site to be useful and relevant to people’s lives. For example, we ran a series ‘from job to career,’ which provided advice on how to package and present yourself.”

It is paramount for African Americans to harness all the information the Net has to offer from every possible venue. It has the potential to improve every aspect of human life. Through distant learning and interactive multimedia, the Net can enhance the educational experience. Forget about holding a traditional job, telecommuting will allow you to market your skills to organizations around the world.

There are no signs that the digital economy will slow down. It will continue to spur job growth and open the doors to prosperity for Web-savvy entrepreneurs. In the 21st century, African Americans must make sure that they, too, share in the spoils of the digital revolution.

Kim Folsom, President And Ceo, Seminarsource.Com
Technology is truly leveling the playing field. So investing in technology and applying it to your business is very much a winning strategy for competing in the open market. Currently, about 2% of all businesses in the world have a presence on the Web. That means 98% don’t, an opportunity that you can use to increase your ability to succeed in business. For example, e-commerce can allow you to easily reach global markets that you probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

Using technology will mean more access to capital for African American business owners. With the [stock] market where it is today, people are more willing to invest. But it has to be a sound investment. You’ll still need to show potential investors that you’re going to give them a return and show how your management team and business plan and your model will mitigate their risk and get that return.

One of the fears many companies have about using technology is the perception that you first have to know it and understand it. No, you don’t. You can hire or partner with people who have the knowledge. Get to know people who can help you and leverage them; that’s what’s called strategic relationships. Don’t use your personal lack of technology know-how as an excuse not to implement it. Technology isn’t going to replace traditional business concepts like brand recognition. It will only enhance them. There are enough companies out there that can help you get set up so that you can use your business as a model and show others how it’s supposed to be done. How you execute your business is up to you, but know that success through applied technology is attainable.

Kim Folsom has over 20 years of experience in the analysis, design, development, and

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