The Screening Process

There are four types of interviews. Here’s how to ace them all

1. The phone interview with a recruiter
Just because the interviewer can’t see you doesn’t mean you get to assume a casual attitude. Jamie Bertone, TalentSearch Leader at Progressive Insurance, suggests being fully present in a quiet location where you can focus. “You should be able to listen to the questions and take time to respond thoughtfully,” she advises. Use a landline not a cell phone. She suggests practicing with a friend and soliciting constructive feedback. Allow your personality, passion, and enthusiasm to shine through. The interviewer can’t see you, but they can perceive your smile and hear inflections in your voice.”

Bertone encourages candidates to highlight their experiences that illustrate why they’re best suited for the job. They should illustrate how they’ve successfully handled problems or worked out solutions.

“Google the CEO. Look at the company’s products and services as well as the latest news and information. Nail down the attributes the company is seeking for this position.”

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