The Screening Process

There are four types of interviews. Here’s how to ace them all

4. One-On-One interview

Treat it like a conversation, with you interviewing the hiring manager or recruiter as much as he or she is interviewing you. You bring to the table an array of skill sets, knowledge, and expertise, but you’re also trying to ascertain whether or not this is the right work culture for you, one in which you can maximize your career potential. She also advises, “Smile, even if the interviewer isn’t smiling. Create a space of comfort for yourself.”

Also, be conscious of etiquette. Embrace the advice, “Never let them see you sweat.” Aside from no-brainers such as being punctual and dressing appropriately, Bertone cautions, “Don’t betray your nervousness by twirling a pen or fidgeting. Be confident and inquisitive.”

For all interviews, Bertone insists, always have questions prepared. She suggests contacting current employees to find out more about the role, the company culture, and the company’s priorities. “Use this insider knowledge to highlight important aspects about your skills that will help the hiring manger envision you in the role.”

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