The Way To Work

Here are five basic rules for a plan that won't fail you, no matter what the future workplace may hold.

up those contrasts.

You should create your own niche. Develop something you can give people, something that they can’t get anywhere else. We need to be more experimental, willing to try new things and not be so myopic as to think this is the only way. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you are meant to do. In the 21st century, we as African Americans must learn how to harness and use our power so that we can compete.

Star Jones is a lawyer and former prosecutor turned legal correspondent turned television personality. A native of Badin, North Carolina, Jones earned a B.A. at American University and a J.D. from the University of Houston. She passed the New York bar exam her first time at bat, and went straight to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. Her work earned her a promotion to senior assistant district attorney in 1991, and she was handpicked by District Attorney Hynes to prosecute high-profile and community-sensitive cases. A number of highly publicized victories opened the door to the world of television and enabled her to reinvent her professional self.

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