The whole world in your Palm

The hottest downloads for your Palm Organizer

when the note should pop up and bug you to do what you need to do. You have the option of writing directly on the screen or using Graffiti. BugMe! eliminates the need to enter data into the calendar for things that are due to occur within an hour or so. If you’re the type who perpetually forgets things-and isn’t that why you bought a Palm in the first place?-BugMe! is just for you. The program also supports categorizing and sorting. A trial download of BugMe! is available, but the price is $12.

HackMaster 0.9
HackMaster is a system extension manager for your Palm Organizer. It uses an open standard for separately downloadable “Hack” files, and provides the means to manage them. It performs the dirty work of installing and uninstalling the patches, and even maintains a proper chain of Hacks that try to patch the same trap. The main thing to know about HackMaster is that without it you can’t use some of the other cool applications developed for the Palm platform. The cost is $5 once you register.

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