The Write Way to Grow

Entrepreneurs discover that self-published books add to the bottom line

and fielding requests to franchise Kids R Travelin.’ Lacy has a second book, Brownie Points (Agate Publishing), hitting shelves next spring. She is also working on packaging an updated version of her Luv doll and recently celebrated 10 years in business.

Online Self-Publishing Services
Printing-on-demand technology and online self-publishing service providers are shaping the future of publishing by making it easier for aspiring authors to get published. Here are five Internet services worth looking into: This self-publishing service provider offers authors access to comprehensive, high-quality editorial services to ensure that titles meet the basic requirements of a professionally published book. Editorial services include professional evaluations and advice from freelance editors, as well as marketing and publicity packages.
Prices start at $499 (online), $599 (by mail) A creative book publishing service that uses BookSmart, proprietary software designed to transform digital content into professional quality coffee-table books. Authors pay only when the book is published. Readymade books allow users to add their own photos and personal details to set templates. Prices start at $29.95 for up to 40 pages Writers can use an array of tools to customize their publishing process. Authors retain all rights, maintain editorial control, and choose the exact services that best suit their goals. A comprehensive suite of marketing and book promotion tools is also available. Prices start at $698 for black and white books (48-page minimum), $999 for color books (28-page minimum) A strategic partner of Random House Ventures, this service uses leading-edge print-on-demand technology to publish titles quickly, easily, and affordably. Authors can use a wide variety of design, production, and publishing services, and can list books at the big distributors and online stores, print on demand as orders come in, and pay royalties on each sale. Prices start at $499 for basic services This digital photo tool publishes ready-to-order, high-quality photo books quickly. A client-side application and back-end network make creating, sharing, buying, and updating photo books simple. Real-time pricing shows the exact price of books with different options selected. Prices start at $9.99

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