Top 50 Black Power Brokers In Entertainment

Whether creating groundbreaking movies, developing original tv programs, or making soulful music, these 50 power brokers call the shots in america's most dynamic industries

were such a huge hit that he became a full-time member with memorable characters as Buckwheat and Gumby.

Title: General Manager, VH1
Age: 38
Education: B.A., Boston University
Why She’s Powerful: Norman oversees marketing, on-air promotion, finance, creative services, communications, research, human resources, and business development for VH1, one of the most recognizable names in cable television. In addition, she manages and VH1’s sister channels: VH1 Classic, VH1 Mega Hits, VH1 Soul, VH1 Country, and VH1 Uno.
Career Track: Previously Norman worked at MTV for 11 years, most recently as senior vice president of marketing and on-air promotion.

Title: CEO, AOL Time Warner Inc.
Age: 54
Education: University of Hawaii; J.D., Union University’s Albany Law School
Why He’s Powerful: Parsons oversees all of the company’s business and divisions including interactive services, cable systems, publishing, music, networks, and filmed entertainment.
Career Track: Before joining Time Warner, Parsons was chairman and CEO of Dime Bancorp, Inc., one of the largest thrift institutions in the United States. Prior to his position at Dime Bancorp, Parsons was managing partner of the New York law firm, Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler. Prior to that, he held various positions in state and federal service, as a counsel for Nelson Rockefeller, and as a senior White House aide under President Gerald Ford. Parsons serves on several boards in a pro bono capacity: Citigroup, Estee Lauder, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Lincoln Center, the Museum of Modern Art, and Howard University.
Big Break: In 2001, Parsons was appointed as co-Chairman of the President’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security. He also serves as chairman of the Apollo Theater Foundation.

Title: Senior Vice President, Comedy Development, Paramount Network Television
Education: B.S., Princeton; M.B.A., The Anderson School at UCLA
Why She’s Powerful: Pinkney oversees the development of all comedy series for Paramount Network Television. Considered one of the top executives in television, Pinkney has gained respect and influence in the industry through her business savvy, creative instincts, and powerful contracts.
Career Track: Pinkney started out earning a stellar reputation as director of programming at Twentieth Century Fox Television. There she worked on cutting-edge programs such as South Central and In Living Color, the latter of which launched the careers of stars Jim Carrey and the Wayans brothers.

Title: Senior Vice President for Creative, EMI Music Publishing, Senior VP, A & R, Virgin Records
Age: 37
Why He’s Powerful: At EMI, Platt’s responsibilities include signing and developing songwriters, acquiring songwriters for albums currently in production, and connecting producers with artists signed to EMI. As senior VP of A&R at Virgin, Platt signs new artists to the label, oversees the recording process on albums, and seeks songs for artists.
Career Track: Prior to joining EMI he managed music producers and got his start in the music industry by working for nine years as a club disc jockey in his hometown of Denver, Colorado. Platt works to constantly give back to his hometown community of Montbello, an area of Denver.
Big Break: As one of the top club DJs in Denver, Platt developed relationships with hip-hop

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