Top 50 Black Power Brokers In Entertainment

Whether creating groundbreaking movies, developing original tv programs, or making soulful music, these 50 power brokers call the shots in america's most dynamic industries

films, will give Henderson the chance to call the shots on other vehicles.
Career Track: Henderson started her career on Wall Street. She changed course when she was awarded the NBC National Fellowship. Henderson’s career in television included writing for Family Matters and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as well as producing Moesha and Sister, Sister.

Title: Vice President, Drama DevelopmentParamount Network Television
Age: 43
Education: B.S., Vassar College
Why He’s Powerful: Horne is responsible for developing one-hour dramas for network and cable television. One of the few black Hollywood executives who can influence the green-lighting process, Horne’s job is to identify and create the next big franchise for Paramount such as Jag, Ed, and Enterprise.
Career Track: With an eye for the next audience-grabbing project, Horne has become a major player over the last decade. He obtained the rights to Blade, a Marvel Comics property about a black vampire hunter, which he helped develop and produce as a vehicle for action star Wesley Snipes. Horne also developed the Emmy Award-winning HBO animated series Spawn, which was also based on a successful comic book. Prior to joining Paramount in 2000, he served as vice president for Edmonds Entertainment, where he was responsible for comedy and drama development, including converting the motion picture Soul Food into a weekly series on the Showtime cable network.
Big Break: From 1996 to 1998, he served as vice president of current programs for Warner Bros. Television.

Title: Vice President, Original Programming, Showtime
Age: 36
Education: B.A., Yale University, M.B.A., Columbia Business School
Why She’s Powerful: Igbokwe is responsible for the development and production of various original movies and series for Showtime. She currently oversees creative affairs for the Showtime series Soul Food and the upcoming original movie Jasper, Texas.
Career Track: Igbokwe managed the direct response broadcast for Showtime’s marketing department, where she worked on marketing campaigns and managed creative development and media buying. Before joining Showtime, she was a market analyst at HBO, a media planner at Ogilvy & Mather, and a group account executive at Prudential.
Big Break: Showtime’s president of programming, Jerry Offsay, plucked Igbokwe from the company’s marketing department.

Title: Founder and CEO, BET
Age: 56
Education: B.A., University of Illinois; M.P.A., Princeton University
Why He’s Powerful: Johnson oversees the operations of Black Entertainment Television, a subsidiary of Viacom and the leading African American-operated media and entertainment company in the United States.
Career Track: Prior to starting BET, Johnson served as vice president of government relations for the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, which represents more than 1,500 cable television companies. He was also the press secretary for the Hon. Walter E. Fauntroy, former congressional delegate from the District of Columbia, and he worked for the Washington, D.C., Urban League and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Interesting Fact: In 1991 BET became the first African American-controlled company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Title: CEO, Cube Vision
Age: 33
Why He’s Powerful: From gangsta rapper to full-fledge
movie mogul, Ice Cube has gained a reputation for producing movies that consistently perform at the box office.

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