Top Executives in Advertising & Marketing

Our editors identify the innovators who drive sales of the world's leading brands

Our editors did not include executives associated with nonprofit organizations or public relations firms on this list. The roster also excludes general counsels, chief diversity officers, human resources officers, corporate foundation executives or senior managers who oversee media relations, public affairs, investor relations, community development, and government affairs. All executives on this listing held their positions as of Dec. 31, 2010. All marketing and advertising firms must have been in business for the full calendar year.

Our selections met the following criteria:
Agencies: Executives who hold C-suite positions such as CEO, CMO, or creative director and/or senior executive positions in management, sales, and creative areas of their firms. Managing significant lines of businesses, they serve as a representative on or report to the leadership team of a major agency as well as significantly contribute to that firm’s revenues and/or billings or lead creative direction and execution. They also maintain significant budget authority and have achieved leadership or innovator status within their field.

Corporate: Executives who hold C-suite titles and/or senior management rank including but not limited to the CMO, EVP, and SVP positions in marketing and advertising within the parent company or key operating units. They are responsible for significantly contributing to their company’s revenues, overall corporate branding strategy, and/or marketing of key products and services, development and promotion of major product lines, and oversight of social media strategy for corporate brands and products. They also maintain significant budget authority and have achieved leadership or innovator status within their industry.


Danielle Austen
Managing Partner & CEO
Team Ignition
(Agency launched to handle
Infiniti Motors account)

Kimberly Blackwell
Managing Partner & CEO
PMM Agency

Howard Buford
President & CEO
Prime Access Inc.

Donald A. Coleman
Chairman & CEO

Robert J. Dale
President & CEO
R.J. Dale Advertising & Public Relations Inc.

Fay Ferguson
Burrell Communications Group L.L.C.

Clifford Franklin
President & CEO
Fuse3 Advertising

Alvin Gay
CEO & Owner
Footsteps Group

Byron Lewis
Chairman & CEO
UniWorld Group Inc.

Kent Matlock
Chairman & CEO
Matlock Advertising & Public Relations

Robert L. McNeil
President & CEO

Faith Morris
CEO  & Chief Strategist
OwensMorris Communications

Jo Muse
Chairman & CEO
Muse Communications Inc.

Shelley Stewart
President & CEO
o2ideas Inc.

Steve Stoute
Founder & CEO
Translation L.L.C.

Aaron Walton
Co-Founder & CEO

Carol H. Williams
President, CEO & Chief Creative Officer
Carol H. Williams Advertising

McGhee Williams Osse
Burrell Communications Group L.L.C.

Robert V. Wingo
President & CEO
Sanders\Wingo Advertising Inc.

Antonio Patric Buchanan
Chief Strategic Officer & SVP
Sanders\Wingo Advertising Inc.

Ricki Fairley-Brown
CMO & Partner

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