Top Executives in Advertising & Marketing

Our editors identify the innovators who drive sales of the world's leading brands

Tracey Johnson
Brand Manager, Gentlemen Jack, Jack Daniels
Brown-Forman Corp.

Ayana Jordan
Chevrolet Advertising & Sales Promotion
Diversity Advertising Manager
General Motors Co.

Ervin Lee
Director of African American Brand Marketing
MillerCoors L.L.C.

Adrienne Lofton
Sr. Marketing Director
Under Armour Inc.

Shawn Lollie
Multicultural Marketing Manager
Ford Motor Co.

Karine Mehu
Director, Digital Media Marketing, Mobile, and Broadband
The Walt Disney Co.

Kisha Mitchell Williams
Multicultural Brand Manager
Procter & Gamble Co.

Sonia Myles
Director, Global Printed Packaging Purchases
Procter & Gamble Co.

Sherri Outler
Marketing Director
Dell Inc.

Karen Rafferty
Regional Director, Cadillac Sales
Service and Marketing
General Motors Co.

Anita Randall
Corporate Media Planner & Marketing Manager
Nissan North America Inc.

Caralene Robinson
Director, Brand & Marketing Communications
Boost Mobile

Marina L. Shoemaker
Director of Women’s Retail Network
General Motors Co.

Lesley Slaton McNorton
Multicultural Marketing & Americas Brand Manager
Hewlett-Packard Co.

Aubyn Thomas
Head of CRM, Database Marketing, Analytics and Loyalty
Luxottica Group

Sonja Whitemon
Advertising and Promotions Manager
American Airlines Inc.

Catherine Wilkins
On-Line & Relationship Marketing Specialist
Porsche Cars North America Inc.

Paul G. Alexander
Senior Vice President and Manager, Communications
Liberty Mutual Group Inc.

Liberty Mutual’s top brass look to Paul Alexander to build the brand both in the U.S. and internationally using the “Responsibility” platform and positioning. The top executive oversees all marketing initiatives for the nation’s fifth largest property and casualty insurer. Alexander is responsible for partnering with design firms and ad agencies for print, social media, and innovative technology from Androids to iPads. He was instrumental in launching Liberty Mutual’s 2009 social awareness campaign and new editions of its popular Responsibility project. He takes pride in the “Pay It Forward” television and online advertisements that use the selling line “Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?” Alexander has been senior vice president and manager, communications for the Liberty Mutual Group since 2009. He joined the company after serving as vice president, global advertising and package design at Campbell Soup Co.     —Carolyn M. Brown

Donald A. Coleman
Chairman & CEO

Don Coleman is a highly regarded pioneer in the field of multicultural and cross-cultural marketing. In addition to targeting ethnic- specific segments, his agency focuses on young adult markets. GlobalHue works with blue-chip brands, including Verizon, Wal-Mart, FedEx, Subway, and the U.S. Census Bureau. Coleman and his team spearheaded the launch of Neon for Chrysler, the Jeep Cherokee Classic, and Bermuda Department of Tourism ad campaigns. GlobalHue was formed in 2002 through the merger of several shops: the Don Coleman Agency, Innovasia Communications, and Montemayor y Asociados. Under Coleman’s leadership, GlobalHue has grown to be No. 1 on the be advertising agencies list with $483.5 million in billings. An All-American athlete, Coleman ventured into advertising following a short-lived career in the National Football League playing for teams such as the New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets. He worked at Chicago’s Burrell Advertising prior to starting his own agency.                                          —C.M.B.

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