Tour of corporate duty

Military veterans are entering the job marketin record numbers. Developing the right job-searchstrategy is key to a successful transition.

look. This goes double for military eyeglasses, raincoats, neckties and shoes.

  • Update your wardrobe and try on the entire suit several days before the interview. Overall appearance is the key to a good first impression.
  • Determine whether you want to use the word “retirement.” Civilians have their own ideas about it, considering they retire much later in life.
  • Never leave the interview without knowing the next step. Even if they say they’ll call you, ask if and when you can call them back.
    Sheffield, who is also the Veterans’ Affairs coordinator at the university, believes you are your own best career manager. “It’s OK to seek help, but evaluate it and adjust it according to your own aspirations,” she says. These former service members who successfully transitioned into civilian employment suggest seeking out and utilizing all available resources.
    Says Rivers: “Ex-military personnel must have the inner drive to do something else with their life. If they stop dreaming, even with all the preparation in the world, they won’t have the motivation to do more.”

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