Ursula M. Burns
2009 Burns is named CEO of Xerox Corp., anointing her as the first African American woman to head a major corporation. Burns is appointed chairman the following year, marking a 30-year career tenure that began as a summer internship at the $22 billion company.

Valerie Carter Daniels
2011 Daniels is the first African American woman to join an NFL board of directors with the Green Bay Packers. As president and CEO of V&J Holding Cos., started in 1982, she operates the largest black-owned restaurant franchise in the U.S., with 100 Burger King and Pizza Hut units. Her firm ranks No. 39 on the be industrial/service companies list with $90 million in revenues.

Laurel Richie
2011 The former chief marketing officer for the Girl Scouts changes the landscape of professional sports by becoming the first African American woman named president of a U.S. professional sports league, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). BE

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  • Winifed Williams

    March 19, 2012
    Dear Sir,
    As a child I remember the excitement and joy over the achievement of my cousin, Mary ruth Johnson. At the time Mary Ruth became the head of the
    personnel department at the Pratt & Whitney Co., in Kansas City, Missouri. It was the first time a Black woman had held that position.
    Her pictured appeared either in the Kansasa City, Star, or the Black newspaer.
    Winifred Williams