Traveling For The Holidays?

How to handle airport delays

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  • Ship gifts before you travel. Doing so lessens security checks, and you’ll travel lighter.
  • Toll-free numbers of your carrier and a cell phone are a must. In the event a flight is canceled, it’s quicker to call the airline for a new flight.
  • Avoid booking the last flight of the day. If your flight is canceled, you’ll be stranded until the following morning.
  • Identifying alternative airports to your destination may offer more variety in travel options. Try Long Island Islip MacArthur airport in New York instead of Kennedy Airport, Chicago Midway airport instead of O’Hare International airport, or land in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, instead of Miami.
  • Know travel restrictions associated with your ticket. If bumped, full-fare passengers have a good chance of negotiating a better deal. If you purchased a bargain-fare ticket, chances are it has restrictions that could limit your options in the event of delays or cancellations.
  • Baggage claim tickets should always be kept in a safe place. They will be checked by airport security when you leave the airport.


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