Wealth Protection Strategies for the Average Investor

Our panel of expert financial advisers tells you what to do with your portfolio in the post-Greenspan era

[assets] have to behave and interact to generate the lump sum that will sustain your existence at retirement. So starting at the end is where I think most of the readers should begin. It’s like a retirement worksheet.

Williams: Based on preserving wealth, I say clients need to start with a plan regardless of where they are, regardless of whether they are high or low income. Start with a plan. Where do my investments fit in? Where does my insurance fit in? Where does my asset retention fit in? It all comes together.

It’s like building a home. Your investment may be the brick. Your insurance is probably the foundation, the flooring. Your asset protection or wealth preservation or wealth transference may be the roof of the house. You’ve got to start with a plan to figure out what needs to be done from an investment standpoint, what you need to do to meet your goals, what needs to be done to protect your family in case something does happen and you are not here to finish it out. [You] have to do a blueprint before you start building a house.


Columbia Marisco 21st Century Fund (NMTAX)


Fund (Ticker) Price at Recommendation* 5-Yr. Average Return
$12.52 9.75%
AllianceBernstein International Growth (AWPAX) 16.88 10.52
Oppenheimer International Bond (OIBAX) 5.88 13.68

“The average investor with a moderate-plus risk tolerance should consider a portfolio that’s comprised of 30% bonds and 70% equities. The bond holding could be split in thirds from conservative to international. On the international side of the house, the Oppenheimer International Bond fund has done extremely well. The equity investments should be spread across several asset classes: large-cap growth (10%), larger-cap value (10%), mid-cap (8%), small-cap (8%), international (20%), and 5% into a specialty fund in the healthcare, tech, or energy sectors. The funds I like [include] AllianceBernstein International Growth.”

*As Of Jan. 20, 2006
Source: Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar.Com, Jan Williams
Investment Roundtable

 GAIL PERRY-MASON Oppenheimer & Co.

Stock (Exchange: Ticker) Price at Recommendation* 12-month Price Target
Comerica Inc. (NYSE: CMA) $55.00 $72.00
Coach Inc. (NYSE: COH) 36.13 42.00
Murphy Oil Corp. (NYSE: MUR) 53.45 55.00

“I always say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. These [stocks] have done well for my clients. I chose Comerica because of the dividend [and] you still get a good, conservative rate of return. Also, they have been talking about a takeover target. You’re looking at at least a 10% return. Coach has been my flagship product. [I recommend] Murphy Oil because of the earnings in oil and because of the international drilling [in] Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Gulf of Mexico.”

*As Of Jan. 20, 2006
Source: Yahoo Finance!, Gail Perry-Mason

DAVID HINSON Wealth Management Network

Fund (Ticker) Price at Recommendation* 5-Yr. Average Return
Excelsior Value & Restructuring (UMBIX) $48.20 7.17%
Harbor International Instl. (HAINX) 52.84 10.54
Keeley Small Cap Value (KSCVX) 47.35 17.47

“All [the funds] that I have picked have one-, three-, five- and 10-year positive returns versus their index,

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