Wealth: The Great Divide

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I know that it will be tougher for some more than others. Many of you have had to deal with unemployment and underemployment. Others have fallen into such a deep financial hole it may take a decade to climb out. But doing nothing is not a viable option. If you find yourself in dire financial straits, get professional help from a qualified financial planner. First, however, commit to changing your behavior and modify your lifestyle to meet your goals.

For those of you who need inspiration, I share with you the example of the late Oseola McCarty. A woman from humble beginnings who quit school in sixth grade to assist her family, she spent a lifetime providing laundry services in Mississippi. Despite her menial occupation, McCarty saved her dollars and put her money in CDs and conservative mutual funds over several decades. In 1995, she was able to donate $150,000 from a portion of her holdings to the University of Southern Mississippi to provide scholarships for deserving students. Clearly, you have the ability and resources to do no less for you and your family.

So it’s time to wake up and get serious about your finances. The development of your Wealth for Life plan is not sacrifice or hardship. Rather it is an investment in the future stability and prosperity of your family—for generations to come.

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