What’s love got to do with it?

Everything, if you want to establish a great professional relationship with your employer

team’s best interest. Share credit with co-workers who assist in your project’s success. Be generous with compliments and praise those who help you to meet company goals. Enhance communication with co-workers, promote team spirit and cooperation and foster an environment of courtesy and consideration.

  • Don’t cheat. You might get caught. Refrain from doing anything to compromise or diminish your commitment to your job. For instance, don’t steal time from your employer by arriving late, leaving early and taking longer-than-allotted lunches or too frequent smoking breaks. Be on time or arrive early. While at work, give 100%, and put the well being of the company before your own agenda.
  • Love ’em or leave ’em alone. Maintain a positive attitude no matter what happens in the relationship. Keep negative emotions and complaints in check. Refrain from whining or constantly criticizing company policies and procedures. If you find that you are frequently upset, irritated or disappointed, ask yourself whether the company still meets your goals and objectives. Question whether you are being challenged, developing your skills or advancing in your career. “No one can answer those questions for you. Ignore the mad gossip and rely solely on your personal situation to decide whether to stay or leave the company,” says Shurn-Hannah. If you do decide to leave, “evaluate why the existing relationship is not working before moving on to start a relationship with another employer or company.”
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