When A Bargain Really Isn’t

Sub-$1,000 PCs: how to get the most for your money

your hard-earned money, however, take time to do your homework. Here’s your first assignment:
1. Accurately assess your computing needs. Ask yourself how long you expect to use the machine, and make allowances for future requirements.
2. If you’re partial to a certain brand, see if the manufacturer has an entry in the sub-$1,000 category. Many major brands like Dell and Toshiba have held back on entering this arena. Look at the preferred brand’s offering, and then compare it to the competition’s.
3. Get a computer expert’s recommendation. Be very clear that you’re in the market to purchase under or right at $1,000. This makes a big difference. Ask which model seems to be a customer pleaser.
4. Ask about service plans. Find out whether or nor service is on site. If there are no plans offered, ask for a referral to a third-party provider. Chains like Best Buy and Office Depot may offer such plans in your area.

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