When One, Plus One, Makes One

Michael And Regina Haney Are Working Together On Their Finances For The First Time

good 30 years left to work). While Michael has a life insurance policy at four times his pay, he could get a term policy for a minimum of $250,000 at a cost of about $19 or $20 a month considering his age, assuming he’s in good health.

Winner No. 43, Michael & Regina Haney
Financial Snapshot:


Gross Income $75,000


Checking (his) $1,000
Checking (hers) 600
Mutual Fund (his) 700
Mutual Fund (hers) 2,000
401k (his) 5,000
Profit-sharing (hers) 8,500
529 Plan 2,000
Home (market value) 186,000
Car (his) est. Blue Book value 11,000
Total $216,800


Student Loans (his) $6,000
Credit Cards (his) 4,700
Car Note 6,000
Credit Cards (hers) 8,000
Mortgage 141,000
Total $165,700
Net Worth $51,100
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