When Things Go Beep In The Night

Here's how to safeguard your most important investment-your home

windows. According to NBFAA, 22% of thieves let themselves in through the first-floor window. Keep trees and shrubs near doors and windows trimmed. Most window locks can easily be pried opened with a crowbar or knife, so secure them by pinning the upper and lower sashes together. Drill a hole through the sashes where they overlap, and insert a strong nail or eye bolt from the inside. To safeguard your windows while they are ajar, drill a second set of holes when the window is open (not very wide) and insert a nail or eyebolt.

Know the residents of your community. “Become friends with the neighbors on either side of you and the three directly across from you and the one directly behind you,” advises McGoey. Also, participate in your neighborhood watch program. In addition, don’t tell strangers your vacation plans and have mail and paper deliveries stopped so observers don’t notice your absence.

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