Where Are They Now?

From fashion, to food, to technology, former be newsmakers are still making their mark

network integration and logistics firm. The National Minority Business Council named NetCom the outstanding technology firm in 1999. McHenry views the company as a global franchise and he plans to take it public in 2001. Says McHenry: “We are major stock holders in NetCom Solutions South Africa. We also own NetCom Solutions Europe, and at one point we were in China as well.”
McHenry will be wired for years to come.

Richard Nanula
Known as: Disney’s financial genius B.E. milestone: Named one of BE’s 40 most powerful executives in 1993 What happened: Left Disney to become president of the nation’s largest hotel company; resigned within a year
Current project: Running a fledgling dotcom

Richard Nanula. At age 32, Richard Nanula was the youngest executive ever to be named chief financial officer of a Fortune 500 company. And it just wasn’t any corporation. It was The Walt Disney Co., the monolith with the most recognizable entertainment and sports franchises in the world. While there, he was known for packaging unique deals such as the $965 million offering of liquid yield option notes (LYONs) to finance Euro Disney in 1990 — at the time the largest convertible bond issue ever.

be noted Nanula’s accomplishments, placing him among the 1993 be Power 40. He was the youngest among corporate all-stars that included the likes of American Express’ Ken I. Chenault and Fannie Mae’s Franklin Raines.

In 1998, the young exec set his sights on a new game. He traded in the Magic Kingdom for a different type of empire: Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Inc., one of the nation’s largest hoteliers. As president and COO of Starwood, he handled the day-to-day operations of such shining gems as the Sheraton, Westin, and St. Regis hotel chains.

But within a year, his relationship with Barry Sternlicht, the company’s CEO and his Harvard Business School classmate, frayed. After a series of published reports of corporate infighting, Nanula resigned.

For months, he fielded offers from several companies. In November 1999, Nanula settled on a one-year old Internet upstart. “I’m excited, in fact, thrilled, to be joining Broadband Sports,” said Nanula, 39, when he was named CEO and chairman of the Los Angeles-based sports Website development and content company. “This is an irresistible opportunity that combines my love of sports, business, and the Internet.”

Broadband Sports Inc. currently operates four online media properties, including AthleteDirect, the leading provider of official athlete Websites. To snare Nanula, Broadband paid a handsome sum: a reported $180,000 in base pay and 9% of the company in stock, which is valued at roughly $36 million.
Now, Nanula is ready to weave his own magic.

Douglas Wilder
Known for: Being the first black elected governor in the United States since Reconstruction B.E. milestone: Appeared on the cover of January 1989 as a model of bold political leadership for the 1990s What happened: He could not run for a second consecutive term as Virginia’s governor because the state constitution prohibits it Current project: He serves as a professor and, as chair
man of an organization that fights AIDS in

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