Where To Invest For The Next 5 Years

With u.s. equities markets as volatile as ever, where do you go to find growth before the end of this decade? Our expert panelof money managers tells you what will be hot in 2010.

is maintain a diversified portfolio and, for the period ahead of us, we would recommend emphasizing technology, healthcare, and consumer stocks. We would hedge with energy, and/or staples, although staples would be hurt by a stronger dollar because of the repatriation of funds back to this country. We would de-emphasize interest rate-sensitive stocks.

Overall, this is a great time to enter the market. The financial markets seem pretty stable. You should have some exposure to energy in your portfolio, no matter what your strategy. Invest in companies where things are getting better and sell companies where things are getting worse, and I think you’ll do just fine over the long term.

STOCK (Exchange: Ticker) Price at Recommendation* 18-Month Price Target
CSX (NYSE: CSX) $44.75 $54.00
Univision (NYSE: UVN) 27.09 36.00
Wild Oats Markets (Nasdaq: OATS) 12.37 17.00

CSX: This railroad company has a national footprint that allows it to take advantage of imports from ports on the West Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. They will make money handling the capacity truckers can’t and because the industry has limited competition.

 Univision: The Latin population is expanding and watching more Latin television, while major U.S. networks are struggling. The company is overcoming some internal problems, which makes it attractively cheap.

 Wild Oats: Similar to Whole Foods Supermarkets. Long-term growth potential for this organic supermarket chain is outrageous because it is only in a few states now. People don’t mind paying extra for organic foods.

*As of july 15, 2005
source: yahoo! Finance, charles payne


STOCK (Exchange: Ticker) Price at Recommendation* 18-Month Price Target
Conoco Phillips (NYSE: COP) $59.05 $70.00
Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) 28.66 34.00
Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) 35.58 44.00

Conoco Phillips: This oil company has a refining capability that gives you exposure in the U.K., the United States, and South America. Demand for oil doesn’t appear to be on the decline.

 Constellation Brands: This company is capitalizing on a shift in demographics–there is a shift from beer consumption to wine and spirits. They recently acquired Mondavi Wines, so they have a great portfolio that will continue to take [market] share from the beer makers.

 Qualcomm: The dominant players in the 3G, CDMA, and CD technologies. They’ve expanded into China and India. Growth will be driven by technologies that deliver television and camera capabilities over the cell phone. Qualcomm has key intellectual pr
operty rights.

*As of july 15, 2005
source: yahoo! Finance, jeffrey phelps


STOCK (Exchange: Ticker) Price at Recommendation* 18-Month Price Target
Federated Department Stores (NYSE: FD) $73.79 $85.00
TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) 7.20 10.50
Amgen (Nasdaq: AMGN) 70.63 75.00

Federated Department Stores: Recently acquired May Department Stores. Federated has a very strong private label brand and they actually make a higher profit from their own brands as opposed to other national brands they sell. We think they take in May Department Stores, revamp their private label business, and add to profits.

TiVo: They have a new distribution deal with Comcast

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