Which Way Is Up?

Our experts discuss strategies to thrive no matter what the market brings

malls covered and taps into the needs of health-conscious baby boomers to fuel a 20% earnings growth rate.

Metacreations (Nasdaq: MCRE): A graphic software maker into the entertainment and engineering fields to fuel an earnings growth of 25% or greater.
Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO): A leading networking company working overseas markets for almost half its revenues to propel at a 30% growth rate.
Cutter & Buck (Nasdaq: CBUK): This high-end sportswear maker is trading at a market P/E, yet growing. It makes high-end sportswear, particularly golf shirts. We’re hoping that the company can ride the Tiger Woods phenomenon. The stock trades at a P/E in the low 20s, yet earnings growth is almost 30%.
Charles Schwab (NYSE: SCH): A finance-for-the-masses outfit benefiting from America’s investing craze, particularly as boomers age.

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