Why What You See Is What You Get

Creative visualization delivers real-world results. Here's how and why it works.

your own mind. As a result, you literally program your mind to move toward desired outcome.

Experts maintain that visualization is a powerful — and often underused — tool for success. Why underused? Perhaps because we tend to be so busy. We commit our time to classes to improve our technical or intellectual preparedness, or go to networking events to enhance our public profiles and contact lists. But how often do we make time to connect with ourselves and our goals and simply focus mental — not just physical — energy on those images? Not often enough, says Kimbro.

“If you raise your level of vision, you will raise your level of play,” says Kimbro. “Start with making the time to be still and quiet for 20 to 30 minutes a day, focusing on your vision, on your goals, your dreams, your plan.”

It may sound a lot like meditation, but there’s at least one critical difference. Meditation often involves getting still and clearing your mind. In visualization, instead of clearing your mind, you become laser-focused on your goals and dreams. You create a vision and then gradually and methodically clarify it down to the most minute detail.

“We are at our best when we’re chasing a goal,” says Kimbro, “and, the truth is, everything happens to us twice: first on the inside then the outside. After all, where do your dreams and goals come from? From within. So, to the extent that you can control what goes on within you, you’ll be better able to control what goes on outside.”

We tend to think of that old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” referring to the physical, the tangible. Well, Kimbro and others insist that we should embrace that saying at face value. In fact, as with his students, Kimbro challenges you to test it. “Try telling yourself, ‘Until I see something clearly in my mind’s eye, I’m not going to achieve it,'” he says. “Then start to visualize and watch the transformation in your life.”

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