Windy City theater owner looks to expand

Donzell Starks now controls 20% of movie screens in Chicago

industry. He’s had an impact.”

But others are quick to point out that Starks developed his landmark Cineplex Odeon relationship without a famous name. “Donzell got into the business before Magic Johnson,” says Winton. “Don did it from scratch, and now he’s sort of a golden boy.”

Beyond Chicago, Starks is negotiating theater contracts for Charlotte, North Carolina, Cleveland, Gary, Indiana, and Richmond, Virginia.

Clarke on the move
Former Carver Savings Bank President and CEO Thomas L. Clarke Jr. was appointed vice president and director of sales for the E.G. Bowman Co., one of the country’s largest black-owned insurance brokerage firms. In his new position, Clarke is responsible for the overall management of the Bowman Co.’s sales and business development.

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