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Adobe Systems NYSE: ADBE $129.94 59.25 25% Adobe will continue to grow through Web and internationally. It’s expected to boost revenues and earnings through new alliances. Broadcom NYSE: BRCM 237.12 366.79 46.4 Chip maker will continue to show strong demand in broadband. Its stock split 2-for-1 this year and became a new entrant into the S&P 500. Corning NYSE: GLW 269.31 103.08 23.3 The technology concern reported that second-quarter earnings were up 80% from a year earlier. Unprecedented demand is expected to continue. Delta & Pine Land Co: NYSE: DLP 27.36 46.88 16.7 Delta has produced a record third fiscal quarter- a 12% increase from last year. Creation of new technology with the USDA should boost earnings. Siebel Systems Nasdaq: SEBL 167.87 383.15 41.5 Second-quarter earnings doubled and revenues jumped 119%. The software leader will continue to dominate the software market. *Closing price as of 7/19/00
Source: Stephen Coleman; Zacks; Yahoo! Finance.
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