Women Business Owners Resource Book

Are you starting a business or already on your own? Here is a must-have roster of women-friendly contacts

tips for setting up a home office and preventing the business from interfering with your family life. Sister CEO by Cheryl Broussard, Viking; $21.95. Covers every facet of entrepreneurship, from raising start-up funds to publicity. www.sisterceo.com

About My Sister’s Business: The Black Woman’s Road Map To Successful Entrepreneurship by Fran Harris, Fireside; $12. Provides advice on how to start your own company, create a business plan, raise capital, be your own marketing and publicity firm and run a home business.

The Women’s Business Resource Guide by Barbara Litman, NTC/Contemporary Publishing; $18.95. Provides information about programs and organizations for women who are starting or already own businesses.

Hers: The Wise Woman’s Guide to Starting a Business on $2,000 or Less by Carol Milano, Allworth Press; $16.95. Provides information and resources on building a business with low start-up costs.

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