Working for the BE 100s

This is our nod to the people who make the presidents and CEOs of the BE 100s Companies look good.

a great place to visit.

Davis got involved in the casino business after reading a newspaper ad offering a free dealer’s class. The Barden Co. hired her immediately. The company, headquartered in Detroit, specializes in casino gaming, real estate development, and international trade. The atmosphere is beautiful. The clientele is nice. And the work schedule is relatively smooth. She says it takes a very positive outlook, a lot of patience, and a good attitude to do what she does. And with a smile like hers, perhaps she can change your luck.

Robert Sewall was one of the first people to sign up to work at the Bridgewater Interiors plant in Detroit three years ago, and he’s been helping the state-of-the-art factory manufacture car seats for General Motors ever since. He’s a dedicated and well-respected employee who enjoys the family environment that his co-workers offer.

Sewall started out as a production worker on the assembly line. But he has quickly become a team leader, overseeing the company’s new production line, which assembles overhead systems for the Cadillac Seville. In fact, according to his supervisor, Sewall’s hard work and dedication led to his promotion last year.

For four years, Chamara Knott has been working for Hawkins Food Group, franchise owner of the Pizza Hut in her Detroit neighborhood. Today is a particularly slow day, but she knows that on Wednesdays her work picks up. She enjoys being a waitress. Knott was once a manager but elected to return to being a waitress because she can make more money to support her 3-year-old son. “One day I might take my shirt back and become a manager again, but I’m in no hurry,” she says. “Being a manager is a lot of responsibility, a lot of paperwork, and dealing with a lot of issues. I like being a waitress because I don’t have to deal with people’s attitudes.”

Besides, she’s a crew leader at Pizza Hut, which means, in a way, that she has the authority of a manager, and that’s as high as she wants to go — for now. In 2000, she received the “Best Waitress” award from the Detroit News, which came as a complete surprise to her. But she says she has an idea of why she was chosen. “I always keep my head up and have a positive attitude.”

Keith Riviears is a strong individual who finds a great deal of personal satisfaction working for H.J. Russell & Co., the property management, general contracting, real estate development, and construction company in Atlanta. For him, his work is in line with the overall mission of Russell, who wants to give back to the community by revitalizing abandoned buildings into homes for Atlanta’s professional community who were born in the neighborhood, moved away, but would like to return.

“I take special pride working for Mr. Russell on projects like [this],” Riviears says.

Working for the company has definitely added to his personal and professional growth. “I get to meet people from all walks

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