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Ad Specs

300×600 half page (Expandable)
39k maximum 40k initial/80k subsequent/1.5mb streaming video per :15s 500×600 leftward .swf, .jpg, .gif, .png
88×31 sponsor logo
15k maximum n/a n/a .swf, .jpg, .gif, .png
728×90 leaderboard
39k maximum 40k initial/80k subsequent/1.5mb streaming video per :15s 728×270 downward .swf, .jpg, .gif, .png
300×250 large rectangle
39k maximum 40k initial/80k subsequent/1.5mb streaming video per :15s 500×500 leftward .swf, .jpg, .gif, .png


Rich Media Custom Ad Units

Pushdown | Full Page Interstitial | Homepage Skin | Floating Interstitial

Pushdown: 970×66/970×416

Pushdown bar may be publisher hosted or third party served (must be third party served if rich media enabled)

  • Description: the BE (OPA Standard) pushdown ad unit renders as a 970×66 and automatically expands, pushing page content down to a maximum 970×416 before automically collapsing to a persistent 970×66.
  • Duration: Unit may auto expand once per user per 24 hours Maximum auto initiated expansion is 8 seconds
  • Filesize: 40k initial, 100k subsequent
  • Rich media enabled: 1.5mb per :15 seconds of video
  • User interaction: Subsequent expansion via user initiated click allowed when expanded, must have clearly defined close button

Full Page Interstitial

May be publisher hosted or third party served (must be third party served if rich media enabled)

Description: the BE full page interstitial

  • Standard media: 39k
  • Rich media enabled: 40k initial, 100k subsequent
  • If rich media served via third party vendor, creative may be delivered as either:
    • 600×600: max creative dimension vendor tag to be embedded within BE publisher hosted interstitial frame
    • full page overlay: must obtain BE full page interstitial wrapper assets (logo, RBG values, skip button graphic)

Homepage Skin

May be publisher hosted or third party served (must be third party served if rich media enabled)

Description: the BE homepage skin wraps the left and right margins of the BE website with ad panels

  • Standard media: 60k
  • Rich media enabled: 40k initial, 120k subsequent (or 80k per panel)
  • Dimensions:
    • background images: 1480×793
    • third party served: (2) panels 140×793

Floating Interstitial: 400×400

Must be third party rich media ad served

Description: the BE floating interstitial ad unit renders above page content for a set duration before disappearing from the page


  • Rich media enabled: 40k initial, 100k subsequent
  • Dimensions:
    • 400×400 maximum
    • Duration: Frequency capped at once per user per day, must auto hide after 8 seconds


Video Ad Units

Video Preroll | In Banner Video

Video Preroll

May be publisher hosted or third party served via VAST 2.0/VPAID tags

  • Brightcove VAST tag support [[brightcove developer support vast2.0 element support]]
  • Brightcove VPAID tag support [[brightcove developer support vpaid element support]]
    Dimensions accepted: 

  • 640×480 (4:3 Standard Aspect Ratio)
  • 640×390 (16:9 Widescreen)
  • 480×360 (4:3 Standard Aspect Ratio)
  • 480×270 (16:9 Widescreen)
  • 1.5mb per :15 seconds of video
  • :15/:30 seconds

In banner video: 300×250

  • The BE in banner video ad unit is a publisher hosted unit which plays advertiser video ads in banner


General Ad Specifications:
  • Filesize (third party served):
    • 40k initial load maximum
    • 80k subsequent/polite/delayed load
  • Flash:
    • all (publisher hosted/third party served) flash ads must be accompanied by a default image
    • frame rate must not exceed 18fps
    • animation is not to exceed 30 seconds
    • wmode must be set to transparent
    • flash clickTag formatting [[#clickTag specification]]
  • Audio/video enabled ads:
    • audio must be initiated via user click
    • video may be auto initiated and must only stream politely at 1.5mb per :15s of video maximum
    • audio/video ads must include: start/stop and audio controls
    • audio enabled ads must be third party served by BE approved vendor [[/online/vendors]]
  • Expandable ads:
    • must not auto expand
    • (4) panels maximum per creative
    • 80k maximum Filesize per panel
    • panels 2-4 may only be called vis user click
    • must include persistent clearly labeled close button in top-right corner
    • must collapse in the same method they expand – if expansion is iniated via click/mouseover, collapse must be on click/mouseover
    • must be third party served by BE approved vendor [[/online/vendors]]
  • ClickTag flash specification
    • Flash v6 – v10, AS2/AS3 accepted
    • Flash AS2 clickTag specification
      - layer transparent button object over clickable area
      - button clickthrough url: _level0.clickTag (underscore level ZERO period clickTag)
      - target window must be set to blank set to “_blank”
      - final AS2 clickTag preview:
      on (release)
      getURL(_level0.clickTag, “_blank”);
      - multiple AS2 clickTags
      button 1
      on (release)
      getURL(_level0.clickTag, “_blank”);
      button 2
      on (release)
      getURL(_level0.clickTag, “_blank”);
      button 3
      on (release)
      getURL(_level0.clickTag, “_blank”);
  • Flash AS3 clickTag specification
    • Create the button:
      - layer transparent button object over clickable area
      - Convert Button to symbol. In the properties panel, assign the button an instance name (such as “myButton”), which will be referenced in the ActionScript.
    • Add the ActionScript to the button:
      - Create a new layer, select the first keyframe in the layer and activate the Actions panel.
      - Copy and paste the code below. This defines the on click function. This function will be called upon once your button is clicked: 

      function onButtonClick(evt:MouseEvent):void{
      if (root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag.substr(0,5)==”http:” ||
      root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag.substr(0,6)==”https:” ){
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag),”_blank”);
      - Use the following code to connect the function above to the button you created. This tells flash what to do once the button is clicked. This code can be placed anywhere in your Actionscript code, but makes sense to attach it to your button layer. (In AS3, you can no longer attach Actionscript to the button itself, only to the layer):
      myButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onButtonClick);
      multiple AS3 clickTags

      function onButtonClick1(evt:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag), ‘_blank’);
      function onButtonClick2(evt:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag2), ‘_blank’);

      function onButtonClick3(evt:MouseEvent):void{
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag3), ‘_blank’);

      button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onButtonClick1);
      button2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onButtonClick2);
      button3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onButtonClick3);

      flash notes:
      all flash ads must be served with a default image
      wmode must be set to transparent
      clickTag is case sensitive
      hard coded clickthrough urls are not allowed


Approved Third Party Ad Vendors
  • Eyewonder
  • Eyeblaster/Media Mind
  • Pointroll
  • Atlas
  • Doubleclick DFA and Rich Media
  • Unicast

Lead Time

  • 3 working days for standard media and 4 working days for rich media.

Print & Digital Advertising

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