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Subscriber Profile


25 to 54 73%
Under 65 92%
Median Age 40


Executive/Manager 67%
Upper Management 39%
Business Owner/Partner 30%


Graduated College+ 62%
Post-Graduate Degree 23%


Men 51%
Women 49%

Marital Status

Married 48%

Children in the Household

Any Children 49%

Entrepreneurial Interest

Plans to Start Own Business in Next 24 Months 36%
Interested in Owning a Franchise 37%

Income and Net Worth

Average HHI $102,000
Median HHI $79,000
Average Net Worth $358,000
Median Net Worth $178,000
Net Worth $100,000+ 64%

Real Estate

Primary Residence 77%
Own Other Real Estate 33%


Average Value of Securities Owned $133,700
Has One or More Retirement Savings Plans (e.g., IRA, 401k) 79%
Household Uses One or More Financial Services
 (e.g., Financial Planner, Accountant, Broker) 59%
Has Life Insurance 91%
Has Property and Casualty Insurance 83%


Owns or Leases Two or More Vehicles 63%
Owns or Leases Three or More Vehicles 28%
Plans to Buy or Lease a Vehicle in Next 12 Months 32%


Average Domestic Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year 7
Average Foreign Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year 5
One or More Business Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year 46%
Five or More Business Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year 16%
One or More Vacation Round-Trips Via Commercial Airline in Past Year 75%
Average Nights Stayed at Hotel or Motel in Past Year 11
Rented a Car at Least Once Last Year 54%
Average Car Rentals in Past Year 6
Made Travel Arrangements Online 69%


Uses Computer for Business or Personal Reasons 95%
Purchased/Leased Computer in Past 12 Months 40%
Purchased/Leased Laptop in Past 12 Months 22%
Purchased/Leased Printer in Past 12 Months 27%
Uses the Internet 95%
Uses the Internet Five or More Hours Per Week 75%
Average Hours Spent Online Per Week 19
Made Online Purchase in Past 12 Months 89%
Spent More Than $500 Online in Past 12 Months 56%
Average Spent Online in Past 12 Months $1,760
Has Purchase Authority for Computer/IT/Wireless Products/Services at Work 43%

Home Electronics

Purchased Flat-screen Television in Past Year 25%
Average Spent on Flat-screen Television $1,681
Average Spent on Home Theater System $905
Purchased Digital Music Player in Past Year 37%
Average Spent on Digital Music Player $362
Purchased DVD Player in Past Year 50%
Purchased DVR (TiVo, Replay TV) in Past Year 19%
Average Spent on DVR $393

Fashion and Jewelry

Purchased Women’s Apparel in Past Year 88%
Average Spent on Women’s Apparel $1,498
Purchased Men’s Apparel in Past Year 74%
Average Spent on Men’s Apparel $1,395
Purchased Jewelry or Watches in Past Year 68%
Average Spent on Jewelry/Watches $1,295


Entertains One or More Times per Month at Home 39%
Entertains One or More Times per Month Outside the Home 43%

Consumes or Serves Alcohol Occasionally/in Past 7 Days

Types of Alcohol
Blended or Rye Whiskey 8%
Canadian Whiskey 7%
Irish Whiskey 5%
Scotch Whiskey 10%
Whiskey (any) 17%
Bourbon 10%
Gin 16%
Rum 28%
Tequila 23%
Vodka 32%
Table Wine 50%
Champagne/Sparkling Wine 36%
Wine Coolers 26%
Brandy or Cognac 26%
Cordials or Liqueurs 15%
Beer 42%