5 Lies That Keep You in Debt

Discover what fibs may be costing you financial freedom

3. It was on sale.

Oh, yea! We’ve all fallen for this one at one time or another. The reality is most people are in debt because of STUFF. It’s impossible to get out of debt if you are committed to buying more and more stuff instead of truly being financially free.

One way to avoid this trap is to stop walking around the mall and “window shopping” or “surfing” on line. I would also suggest unsubscribing to all of the tempting emails with the “great deals” in your email box each morning. Instead of convincing yourself that you’re saving, begin to ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Remember that buying something you don’t need is never better than saving money for your actual needs.

4. A couple bucks won’t hurt.

I heard someone say once that the $1 menu is the quickest way to being broke. It’s the small charges that add up and inevitably break the bank. I have more clients that get caught up in $34 overdraft fees for a quick $5 swipe at the gas station than anything else.

Again, it’s important that even with the small purchases, you ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”

5. If I made more money, this would be easier.

No it wouldn’t. Without discipline, you could double your income and still have tons of debt and no savings. Don’t assume that more money is the answer. We’ve all heard of the entertainers, athletes and my favorite, lottery winners, who end up flat broke and in deep debt despite having access to tons of money at one point.

Wealth is about a mindset. No matter what your financial goals are today, get real with yourself and those you love. Your future will thank you!

Patrice C. Washington is the Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven at www.PatriceWashington.com and author of the series, Real Money Answers. Follow her on Twitter @SeekWisdomPCW for practical tips on wisdom, wealth & business.

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  • Just want to say Patrice really knows what she talking about as it relates to reducing debt and increasing your credit score!!!

  • Rhonda

    I think some noses will be growing (Pinocchio) after reading this one!!!

  • Norlita Brown

    I love this article. I would love to see your workshop open up to include men, there are a few that came to mind who think just like this. I completely agree that it’s a mindset change, what people think is exclusive to women are very often including men on a major level.

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