Ask the Money Coach: 5 Ways to Earn More Cash Before Year’s End

Smart and simple tips for making some extra money this year

Offer to Babysit or Tutor Someone’s Kids

Ask any mother you know -– single moms and married women alike –- if they could use a break now and again from the kids, and you’re likely to get a resounding: Yes! As mothers we love our children, of course. But it’s a real help when we get a babysitter to take over for a few hours. Regularly-scheduled help is even better.

If you’re not cracked up to babysit someone’s kids—and by all means, only offer if you actually like children!—then maybe you can use a special talent or knowledge you possess to tutor a young person. Kids want and need special help or lessons in all kinds of areas, and many parents are willing to pay for that help.

Tutoring areas in demand include: reading, writing, math, science, sports, playing musical instruments and so on. Helping a child makes you a mentor, and gets you paid in the process. And by the way, you don’t have to be a whiz in any of these areas. As long as you’re proficient in a given subject or activity, that’s usually just fine for elementary or middle school-age children.

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